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Committee work

Shaping the future

We have made it our goal to actively and constructively shape the standards for IT security. We are actively involved in various committees and networks to increase IT security in our customers' facilities. Our active work in the various industry bodies keeps our solutions up to date.

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Heiko Rudolph represents as a member of DIN the German delegation at international ISO IEC JTC1 SC27-meetings. He is also a speaker on the mirror committee NA 043-01-27 „IT Security procedures“ and is the leader of AK DIN NIA 043.



Heiko Rudolph, managing director of admeritia GmbH, leads as a staff member of DIN the German delegation at international ISO IEC JTC1 SC27-meetings in WG3 (Security Evaluation and Testing) and WG4 (Security Controls and Services), whose spokesman he is on the mirror committee NA 043-01-27 „IT Security procedures“. He is editor of WG4 SD 1 (Scope & Roadmap) and nominated as the co-editor of the SC 27 SD 16 (Information Security Library).


We work in the IEC in the committees TC 65/WG 10 "Security for industrial process measurement and control - Network and system security" and TC 65/WG23 "Smart Manufacturing Framework and System Architecture (Task Force Security)" with.


We are members in the working group GMA FA 5.22 "Security" of VDI.

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Our employees design the national standards in the DKE in the committees UK 931.1 "IT Security in Automation Technology", TBINK AK "IT Security and Security by Design" and AK 355.0.5 [before AK 713.3.5] (B3S Road Traffic).



We have been actively working at ISECOM since 2007 and have been involved in the development of the OSSTMM. Since 2010 we are one of the ISECOM board members.



We work in the US chapter of the OWASP and presented our specially developed Application Security Matrix based on OSSTMM at an OWASP meeting in the USA.



We are active in the working group AK 4.18 Automation Security of NAMUR, which deals with the security aspects in the process industry.


IT Security Coordination Unit (KITS)

The IT Security Coordination Unit (KITS) is a coordinating body within DIN. The central decision-making body of KITS is the Advisory Board, in which the coordination activities to be undertaken are determined. Since 2015 we have been a member of the KITS Advisory Board


Plattform Industrie 4.0

We are active within the Plattform Industrie 4.0 in the working group "Security of Networked Systems".

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Within the German Association for Water, Sewage and Waste e. V. (DWA) we are active in the working group "WI-5.4 Cyber Security".