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Security Engineering

Consulting, conception and implementation

Appropriate security is significantly affected by design of technical security measures, without neglecting the human factor. With the Consulting division, we have therefore specialized in integrated security architectures and infrastructures as well as the secure implementation of basic services/controls. Thereby we always think and act about appropriate and effective operational IT- security for our customers.

We support our customers in analysis, consulting, planning and conception as well as in proof of concept and implementation. We enable you to operate your own security, but alternatively we also offer operational support and high-level troubleshooting.

We combine our security architecture expertise with other core competences of our company, e.g. with software development or audit-services to create complete solution packages.

Our solutions fit the following environments

Prozessindustire OT Industrial Automation

Industrial Control Systems (ICS)

Networked automation systems are used in various industrial sectors, the development of which did not take IT-security aspects into account. Increasingly, these systems are no longer connected via separate networks. Therefore, automation technology is exposed to the same threats as traditional IT-systems. A holistic approach is therefore required to adequately secure your process control technology. We track this with a specially developed framework. The individual solutions are oriented to the specific framework conditions of process control technology, e. g. inspection times and long life cycles. We attach particular importance to mediating between the different perspectives of the engineering world and the IT domain.

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Cyber Physical Systems (CPS / Industry 4.0)

Industry 4.0 dissolves deterministic solution thinking and requires fundamentally new architectures. The automation pyramid dissolves into a network of cross-company networked systems. This results in new safety requirements from the ground up. We help you to plan and implement the introduction of Industry 4.0. With our standards-based frameworks for manufacturers and operators you consider all relevant security aspects with organizational, process-related and technical measures.

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RZ Telko Internet Provider

Office Network

With extraordinarily high individual customer requirements and at the same time high complexity, we offer individual solutions for the entire portfolio. Our services are vendor-independent, objective and neutral. For example, we offer proprietary and open source solutions. If you need to plan, implement and optimize appropriate security measures and services, we will find individual and demand-oriented solutions for you.

Our solution portfolio includes

  • Controls
  • Basic services
    • for example directory services / AD, malicious code prevention / AV, backup and recovery, account management, patch management
  • Central services
    • The basic services can also be fully integrated as central services over the entire network
  • Network integration /IKT (application and system level)
    • Apart from the basic services we also take over a secure implementation for you with various network integrations
    • Network security
    • To increase security, we optimize your network by reducing complexity, increasing reliability through redundancy and coupling networks with network segmentation (especially in industrial networks)
    • Protection of remote maintenance access (RAS) for own service employees and third party access
  • System hardening
    • System hardening of all systems leads to a minimization of the attack vectors
  • Operationalization
    • We implement the organizational measures from the security management (e. g. ISMS) in a technically effective manner
  • Physical security
    • Physical evaluation and auditing of your infrastructures
    • The upgrading, planning and realization of data centre and technical rooms
    • We support companies and organizations with the goal of data center certification
    • Another focus is the intelligent video monitoring of downstream alarms
    • In order to guarantee holistic security of physical infrastructures, the trade interfaces are designed and coordinated as a whole
  • Operation Technology
    • With regard to configuration changes we define and log a Configuration Management Database
    • Securing communication and protocols / network security
    • We help you to set up a security program with a special focus on merging engineering and IT.
    • We support you in the area of IT and OT in both system and security-monitoring

Your contact person

Ihr Ansprechpartner

Manfred Peine

Senior account manager
Tel. +49 2173 20363-0

Reference projects

  • Network segmentation
    • Various municipal utilities & energy providers
  • Implementation of central services
    • Various municipal utilities & energy providers
  • Protection of production plants
    • Various chemical companies

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Committee work

  • Working group "Security of networked systems"
    • Plattform Industrie 4.0
  • Working group 4.18 Automation Security
    • NAMUR
  • ISO IEC JTC1 SC27 (WG3 and WG4)
    • ISO

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  • Practice report - Development of an ISMS for an area network operator
    • VDE Symposium
    • Sep 2016
  • Security by Design & By Default - Who is responsible for IT security?
    • Cybics 2016
    • Jun 2016
  • Consistent security management with the help of central services
    • SPS IPC Drives Kongress
    • Nov 2012

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  • ISMS: Pure paperwork or technically effective?
    • EW
    • Apr 2015
  • Industrial environments properly protected - Industrially hardened
    • IT-Administrator
    • Apr 2014
  • Consistent security management with the help of central services
    • SPS IPC Drives Kongress
    • Nov 2012

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