General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

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General Data Protection Regulation

What does General Data Protection Regulation mean for you and what do you have to consider? We jointly develop and document customized solutions, with which you not only regulate the processing of personal data and other data protection requirements, but also implement technical and organizational measures in such a way that you increase your actual security level and ensure technically effective security.

We implement an information security management system (ISMS) with data protection aspects (DSMS) with which you can efficiently control your data protection, your IT security and your risk. All individualized solutions are based on internationally recognized ISO/IEC standards for data protection and information security.

This is how we can help you:

  • Concerns analysis
  • Organizational gap analysis
    • Privacy Assessments
    • Privacy Capability Assessment
  • GDPR implementation
    • Development of data protection and information security management (ISMS/DSMS)
    • Documentation of data protection procedures
    • Implementation of technical and organizational measures
    • Privacy Architecture Engineering
    • Certification support
  • Training and awareness raising
  • Assumption of mandate as "company data protection officer" (bDSB)

Your contact person


Andreas Eichmann

Senior account manager
Tel. +49 2173 20363-0

Reference projects

  • Realization DSMS
    • Financial service provider
  • Takeover of bDSB mandate
    • Various industrial organizations
  • Implementation of DSGVO
    • Automation company

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Committee work

  • ISO IEC JTC1 SC27 (WG3 und WG4)
    • ISO
  • Mirror committee NA 043-01-27
    • DIN
  • ISECOM-Board
    • ISECOM

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  • How to use your IT-Security catalog ISMS as a basic building block for the GDPR
    • Working group IT-Security officers EVU
    • Nov 2017
  • Operationalization of a network operator ISMS
    • Working group IT-Security officers EVU
    • Nov 2016
  • Practical report - Development of an ISMS at an area network operator
    • VDE Symposium
    • Sep 2016

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  • ISMS: Pure paperwork or technically effective?
    • EW
    • Apr 2015

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