KRITIS standard for water supply and disposal companies (B3S W/A)

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Industry-specific safety standard

for water supply and disposal companies (B3S W/A)

The industry-specific safety standard (B3S) for the water sector, published in September 2017, offers water utilities a more technical alternative with a slim management component compared to ISMS according to ISO/IEC 27001 and complies with the requirements of the BSI Act. We support our customers in the implementation of the safety standard, in which relevant applications are selected. These are assigned to risks, which in turn are followed by various technical and organizational measures. The consideration of the company organization in 24/7 operation plays a special role.

Gap analyses of the degree to which the industry-specific safety standards have been met make it clear right from the planning stage where the measures for protecting the control systems or internal processes need to be adapted. Synergy effects from existing management systems can often be used here.

In the course of implementation, we are increasingly testing, designing and implementing network segmentation within the entire process network in order to ensure technical security through further security measures.

After implementation, we also test the effectiveness of the hedging measures introduced by means of an ICS audit as required in the B3S.

An independent review of the implemented measures must be carried out for KRITIS operators by May 2nd, 2018.

In all solutions for the water sector, the focus is always on the technical and operational effectiveness of the measures.

If they do not fall within the thresholds of the BSI Critis Regulation, we offer further solutions tailored to your needs for the water sector.

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Committee work

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  • AG "WI-5.4 Cyber-Sicherheit"
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