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Secure Industry 4.0

IT security for your industrial change

Industry 4.0 breaks deterministic solution-oriented thinking and requires fundamentally new architectures. As a result, we are faced with completely new security requirements. We help you to plan and implement the introduction of Industry 4.0 with the aspect of IT and OT security.

Our standard based frameworks for developer and operators consider all relevant security aspects with organizational, procedural and technical measures.

Security Test

To optimally manage your risk and to guarantee secure use of several components we support developers as well as operators with methodological security test. This also includes High Level and Detailed Risk Assessments as well as Vulnerability Assessments based on the IEC 62443 standard. Furthermore Security and Penetration testing, which detect weaknesses in your systems, and standard based component validation complete our assessment portfolio. This is how you will find out where you are in relation to „Industry 4.0 Readiness“ and how you can maintain an appropriate security level in the future.

Security by Design & by Default

In future, the relevant security requirements must be considered and planned during the development and implementation of OT and IT security and implemented in security shells. In the area of security by design, this includes reducing the impact of possible security vulnerabilities, minimizing privileges (principle of least privilege) and a component environment that is as isolated as possible.

In the area of Security by Default it is necessary to implement secure instead of standard configurations beginning with implementation (system hardening), secure authentication as well as secure settings for parameters.

Security for networked systems

The transition from Industrial Control Systems (ICS) to Cyber Physical Systems (CPS) is the most elementary step for the change to Industry 4.0. This dissolves the automation pyramid into a compound of cross-enterprise networked systems. For this purpose, all necessary data in the production process will be saved in „Digital Models“ of individual systems.

New Security architectures

Industry 4.0 requires completely new security architectures to outsource production relevant data into the Cloud and Big Data and to satisfy secure encryption and data transmission requirements. This includes a consolidated view on the security state of the organization and its critical processes through, e. g. a Security Operation Center (SOC).

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Senior account manager
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Reference projects

  • Preparation of procedures for worldwide risk analysis
    • Chemical group
  • Technical component tests
    • Chemical group
  • Implementation planning I 4.0 introduction
    • Automation manufacturer

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Committee work

  • Working group "Security of networked Systems"
    • Plattform Industrie 4.0
  • Working group 4.18 Automation Security
    • NAMUR
  • ISO IEC JTC1 SC27 (WG3 und WG4)
    • ISO

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  • Secure implementation - Industry 4.0 Readiness
    • Security Symposium
    • Oct 2016
  • Security by Design & By Default - Who is responsible for IT security?
    • Cybics 2016
    • Jun 2016
  • Recommended implementation of a detailed risk assessment according to IEC 62443 - 2 - 1
    • VDI Automation
    • Jun 2015

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  • Security requirements for safety (SIS) in accordance with the IEC 61511 standard
    • Automation 2016
    • Jun 2016
  • Recommended implementation of a detailed risk assessment according to IEC 62443 - 2 - 1
    • VDI Automation
    • Jun 2015

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